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About Eatable

Welcome to Eatable.

Eatable was co-founded in 2020 by Lisa Featherby & Liz Elton from a combined love of print and media to create a new destination for recipes, restaurants and drinking advice from Australia’s best chefs, sommeliers and renowned food director Lisa Featherby.

We publish online and in a collectable print and digital edition of Eatable magazine periodically, filled with food stories and travel inspiration in the best quality paper stock that is printed locally, which you can purchase here.

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About Lisa Featherby

Lisa has been making food look good since she started as a chef in 1994. For ten years she worked in restaurant and commercial kitchens alongside Australian culinary legends like Janni Kyrtisis at MG Garage and Peter Doyle at Cicada, discovering everything there is to know about what makes a dish sing - from the integrity of ingredients through to beauty of presentation. It was the ideal foundation for the next stage of her career, when she decided to leave the restaurant life behind and re-invent herself as a food and recipe writer, as well as a producer of food shoots.


In this incarnation Lisa worked for a wide range of publications (including Marie Claire, Bon Appétit, Food Illustrated and French Glamour), in Paris and New York, on advertising campaigns, and then as food director of Gourmet Traveller magazine, generally having a lot of fun in interesting places making food not just look good but taste delicious.


Her experience with recipes and beautiful tablespaces, as well as her love of dining with friends led to Eatable.

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