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El Presidente


Makes 1 drink

This cocktail comes from the golden age of Havana, when American Prohibition led people into Cuba from Florida, and which in turn created a thriving cocktail culture in Havana. Many recipes vary, though he mainstays are rum (golden), French Vermouth from Chambéry (and we've chose Dolin here), and Orange Curaçao. Unlike the harsh dictator president Gerado Muchado it was named after, this drink can lean towards the sweeter side, depending on what spirits you use, and who is mixing it. Our adapted version uses less Curaçao to balance it out to be more rum prominent, while sticking with the Chambéry AOC controlled Dolin Vermouth. For good reason also choose a rum that suits your taste best. 

45 ml Havana Club Añejo Especial

30 ml Dry Vermouth, such as Dolin

5 ml Orange Curacao

A few drops of Grenadine (optional)


 1. Combine ingredients (except orange twist) in a mixing glass with ice and stir for 15 swconds or until the cocktail is very chilled.

2. Serve cocktail, strained in a chilled coupette or Nick and Nora glass with a twist of orange.


Photography and styling Lisa Featherby

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