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Laxtons Gage


Makes 1

The lovely balance of sweet and sour created by the preserve and lemon juice in this refreshing, soda-style cocktail makes for the perfect summer drink, sans alcohol. Throw in the beautiful vibrant green colour and you may find it easier to swear off alcohol than you thought.

50ml Seedlip Garden 108

1 barspoon greengage preserve (see note)

15 ml lemon juice

Soda water, to top

Edible flowers, to garnish


1. Combine Seedlip, preserve and juice in a cocktail shaker, half filled with ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled tumbler or short stemmed wine glass, then add ice and top with soda to taste. Stir and serve garnished with flowers if desired.



Greengage preserves, such as Tiptree, are available online. If you can't find them easily, Roses Lime Marmalade or Beerenberg Apricot Jam work very well as substitutes.

Recipe and image by Seedlip. Published with permission.

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