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Pigface Coola


Makes 1

“Pigface grows everywhere around southern Sydney beaches, and the flavour always reminds me of a salty-sweet aloe,” says Griffiths. “Tequila and sherry are best mates, so are coconut and pineapple, so it makes sense to me; the salt works across all four. Light, bright and sea-breezy, this is a picnic favourite. It’s light and versatile and will pair with anything salty – prawns, charcuterie, fish and chips – it’s a winner.”

30ml blanco tequila, such as Calle 23

30ml fino sherry, such as Tio Pepe

60ml coconut water

2 thin, round slices pineapple (in a ring if possible)

1 piece karkalla/pigface


  1. Add liquid ingredients to a highball glass along with a pinch of sea salt flakes and stir briefly. Add cubed ice and slide pineapple slices down each side of the glass. 

  2. Garnish with a crown of karkalla.


Note Calle 23 tequila is available from select liquor shops, such as Top Shelf Tequila and Nick's Wine Merchants online.

Recipe Reece Griffiths, Styling Caitlin Melling, Photography Lisa Featherby

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