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The Vitti



“This cocktail is based on the iconic actress Monica Vitti. A rework of the classic Manhattan with an Italian twist. The cocktails [at The Bar] are a collection of legendary drinks reimagined through a contemporary lens, paying homage to the worlds most renowned cocktails throughout history,” says Ana Page, creative drinks director of The Bar.

30ml Bourbon

10ml Punt e Mes

10ml Campari

10ml Martini Rosso

A piece of black plum in syrup, or an amarena cherry (optional; see note), to garnish


1.  Place ingredients in a glass beaker with ice and stir until well chilled. Pour into a chilled nic and nora glass and garnish with a cherry.


Note At the Bar, they make a black plum distillation, here we've used a black plum in syrup.

Recipe by Ana Page, Photography by Jason Loucas courtesy of The Bar.

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