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  • Eatable Volume 05: Renewal


    This edition is dedicated to renewal. Coming to you during a time of relative uncertainty, there are still many things happening around us that fit this theme – all that is starting to flourish again – plants and spring feed, babies being born and wonderful seasonal elements.


    It’s a time to reflect on our country, to heal, and rebuild from devastation. To rethink the new, particularly with how we eat and grow our food, drink our wine, and what that means for a sustainable future. It’s a celebration of old and new, intertwined culture, adapting to new ingredients, people, ideas, and techniques. More importantly, this is a time to look after ourselves and daydream of those idyllic places to explore, because while we are still living through a pandemic, there is a time coming when we won’t be.


    If life has taught us anything over the past years, it is that we are resilient, and we know there is always opportunity to start over, make change and enjoy turning over a new leaf. This edition is a wonderful place to start.


    This edition includes (plus much more):

    • Tim Hardy of Tasmania's Van Bone shares his beautiful recipe for ‘Escargot’, or pastry snails with Tongola goat’s curd.
    • Quay head sommelier Shanteh Wale discusses how the Australian wine industry is fighting its way back after the recent bushfires, and recommends the bottles you should be investing in now.
    • Newly appointed Eatable drinks editor, Matty Hirsch, rounds up the best pre-mixed cocktails for your home bar.
    • Penny Lawson of Sydney's Penny's Cheese Shop shares her knowledge of spring cheese.
    • Nomad's Jacqueline Challinor explains and gives us her recipe for the traditional Maltese street snack, pastizzi.
    • As seen on the cover, Lisa Featherby's rhubarb and raspberry pavlovas with crème fraîche.
    • Josh Niland's Scotch eggs.
    • The geniuses behind French institution Septime share their gorgeous almond tart with berries and garden flowers.
    • In travel, we look at some of UNESCO's lesser known - but no less beautiful - world heritage sites, and photographer Kara Rosenlund shares her favourite spots around Brisbane.


    Your magazine will come in a 78 page downloadable PDF format.


    If you would like to purchase the magazine in a purley digital format for viewing online, you can do so here.

    Eatable Volume 05 (Digital)

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