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  • Eatable Volume 09: Pasta (Digital edition)


    Our annual Pasta Editon is here.


    As we find ourselves in the middle of a long, cold winter, now is the time to embrace brisk days and cosy nights with a true classic in the culinary world, pasta. Served with the richest ragùs or taking advantage of the best of seasonal cool-weather greens, herbs, nuts and cheeses, this issue, we’re going all in on pasta and celebrating the flavours and the textures that this gloriously simple staple can carry so elegantly.


    We must offer a fair warning (and, to some, condolences) because, if you’re in the low-carb zone, look away now. The lighter fare of spring may be around the corner, but it is not here, yet.


    We set the table with pasta dishes such as gnocchi sardi with spicy Calabrian ‘nduja, rosemary and stracciatella, and spaghetti with colatura di alici and pangrattato, spiked with chilli and garlic. (The pangrattato, of course, as one never uses Parmigiano on pasta with seafood.) 


    When it comes to wine, this issue we are showcasing Italian Sangiovese across the regions from Romagna to Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany. Each offers a different expression allowing for a great variety of food pairings depending on the menu. And we bring vermouth to the fore from the back of the liquor cabinet to star in its own right as an aperitivo - on its own over ice, or dressed up in cocktails by Rodrigo Barua Lopez, bar director of Adelaide’s Osteria Oggi.


    We visit Hobart’s newest Italian, Peppina, a trattoria-style restaurant that focuses on shared family tables, with a veritable feast laden with roasted beetroot, eggplant with mozzarella and oregano, and agrodolce sardines. And Saturday Night Pasta creator Elizabeth Hewson creates an irresistible long-lunch menu to share with friends, complete with hand-made pasta - allow the time to enjoy the slow-food vibes and you’ll be glad you did.


    116 pages of editorial created by two food and design creatives out of love for what they do.


    Your magazine will come in a 116 page downloadable PDF format. Digital purchases are non-refundable.

    Eatable Volume 09 (Digital)

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