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Prep 20 mins

Cook 1.5 hours

Serves 4-6

Difficulty 2

Congee is regarded as the ultimate comfort food in China and across Asia, and in its simplest form it can be made from just rice and water. In Shanghai, it is made with chicken stock from poached, white cut chicken. In Korea, it is known as Juk, and here is a Japanese version, known as okayu, which uses miso or dashi as the base. A simple dish of rice porridge is open to interpretation universally, and you can make it your own, but for best results stick with the purists and opt for classic pairings of pickles, spring onion, soy sauce and ginger. We also love making it with leftover rice for breakfast the next day, with a poached egg on top.

60g jasmine rice, rinsed well

1 litre (4 cups) chicken stock or dashi stock

Boiled, or poached eggs to serve

Light soy sauce, such as Healthy Boy, to serve

A few drops of sesame oil, to serve

Thinly sliced spring onions, roasted sesame seeds, finely grated ginger, Japanese pickles (see note), and a sprinkling of togarashi (see note), to season

1. Transfer rice to a pot, cover with stock and bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring to prevent rice catching. Reduce heat to low, then half-cover with a Iid, or place a lid on top raised slightly with chopsticks to allow steam to escape, then simmer very gently, stirring occasionally until rice is broken down into a porridge (1-1 1/2 hours; you may need to add extra water if congee becomes too thick).

2. Serve okayu topped with a halved boiled egg, or poached egg, with seasonings and condiments to the side for your guests to add according to taste.




Asian or Japanese pickles to flavour this dish, such as umeboshi (pickled plum), or other Tsukemono, such as pickled cucumbers are available from Asian supermarkets, as well as togarashi.

Recipe Lisa Featherby and image by Eatable.

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