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Prawn skewers with togarashi

Prawn skewers with togarashi

Prep 15 mins

Cook 5 mins

Serves 6-8 as an appetiser

Difficulty 2

Serving prawns peeled and skewered means happy guests – all the deliciousness with none of the sticky fingers and mess. Togarashi, a Japanese mix of spices based on the chilli of the same name, typically includes seaweed, orange rind, sesame seeds and sancho pepper. We love it sprinkled over noodles, congee, boiled eggs and many other things – it’s very versatile, and here it adds a burst of flavour to buttery prawns. Buy the freshest seafood you can find, and don’t let it sit around in the fridge. You’ll need short wooden skewers for the prawns.

18 large king prawn peeled and cleaned

40gm butter

Shichimi togarashi (see note) for seasoning

Lemon wedges for squeezing

Shiso leaves (optional), to garnish

1. Thread prawns onto skewers from so they are completely straight, then refrigerate until required.

2. Heat a large wide frying pan over high heat. Add half the butter, and once melted add half the prawns and turn occasionally until golden-brown (1 minute). Reduce heat to medium and turn prawns occasionally until cooked through (1-2 minutes). Remove from pan and wipe out pan with absorbent paper, then repeat with remaining butter and prawns.

3. To serve, season the prawns with sea salt flakes and transfer to a platter. Scatter over togarashi to taste, and serve with shiso leaves to garnish if using, and lemon wedges, for squeezing.



N O T E 

You can also grill the prawns over a hot barbecue (preferably over charcoal), brushing them with melted butter as they cook, which will add extra flavour.

Recipe and image by Eatable.

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