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Simple egg pasta dough

Simple egg pasta dough

Prep time 15 mins

Makes about 500g


“I developed this dough to use across the board - think pappardelle, farfalle, tagliatelle etc,” says Scott McComas-Williams of Sydney's Ragazzi. “The semolina adds chew and flavour whilst the double zero flour makes it manageable to roll by hand. The yolks give colour and softness and whole eggs make it forgiving while cooking.”

This recipe originally appeared in the Pasta edition of Eatable magazine, on sale here in print and digital.

250g tipo ‘00’ flour 

100g fine semolina

2  egg yolks

3  eggs

12g (3 tsp) salt

1. Start by mixing the two flours together in a large bowl and make a little well in the middle. Slowly pour the egg yolks and whole eggs in, gently mixing it together. Once you’ve formed a rough dough, pour it out onto the bench.

2. Work the heels of your hands into the dough back and forth. If you find the dough is a little crumbly or shaggy, add a spritz of water to the dough. As opposed to a semolina dough, we don’t need to knead this too much as a fair whack of the gluten development will happen when we are laminating it through our pasta machine or rolling pin.

3. Wrap it up and put it aside to rest for at least half an hour – this will rest the gluten and let the dough hydrate properly.



Recipe credit: Scott McComas-Williams

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