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Smoky eggplant for everything

Smoky eggplant for everything

Prep 5 mins

Cook 25 mins

Serves 4-6

Difficulty 2

“During barbecue season, one of the things I love to do most is to burn an eggplant or two whenever the charcoal barbecue is on,” says Eatable’s Lisa Featherby. “The reason for this is because the flavour you get from directly cooking over the hot embers is it burns the outside and you are left with an amazing smokiness imparted into the eggplant, which can then be prepped and used as a dish layer on, or even for a salad that day. There’s nothing new about this technique, which is common in Middle Eastern countries, also Turkey. It is a wonderful trick to know and then you can use the eggplant in various ways, even with Japanese flavours it is stunning. You can also burn the eggplant over a gas stove placed on a low heat, the smokiness you get from the coals is much better. Try either way for yourself and see. You can simply scrape the flesh out or pull long pieces of it. Either way, there are many ways in which I love to use it.”

2 large eggplants

1. Preheat a barbecue, preferably charcoal or wood burnt down to hot embers. Place eggplant directly onto the hot coals and turn occasionally until they are burnt on the outside and collapsed and very tender inside (about 20 minutes).

2. Set eggplant aside placed in a colander to drain excess moisture from eggplant until ready to serve.


  • Tear the eggplant into strips and toss through fresh herbs, like coriander and mint and season with fish sauce, lime juice, chilli and garlic as a side salad.

  • Dice the eggplant and add to a bonito dashi with a few drops of light soy sauce and sesame for an amazing sauce to have with silken tofu.

  • For a take on a middle eastern meze, try this smoky eggplant with tahini and yoghurt.



Recipe by LIsa Featherby and image by Eatable.

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