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Swordfish sandwich with lemon mayo

Swordfish sandwich with lemon mayo

Prep time 20 mins

Cook 10 mins

Makes 4


“Swordfish works so well with this sandwich because of its fat content and texture," says Jesse McTavish of Bar Elvina. "It's reminiscent of a pork katsu sando.”

1 egg

100ml milk

50g plain flour

200g fine breadcrumbs made from dried bread

4 swordfish steaks (about 100g each and 1cm thick)

4 green lettuce leaves, such as cos or butter lettuce

8 slices of soft white bread, crusts removed

8 cornichons, halved

Olive oil, for shallow frying


100ml Japanese mayonnaise, such as Kewpie

Finely grated zest and
juice of ½ lemon

1 tbsp chopped dill

1. Whisk egg and milk together in a bowl. Place flour and breadcrumbs in separate bowls. Dust fish in flour, then dip in milk mixture and crumb swordfish in breadcrumbs. Set aside on a tray.

2. Heat oil in a heavy frying pan over medium-high heat. Add swordfish and turn occasionally until cooked to medium – you want to achieve a crisp coating without overcooking the centre, about 2-3 minutes each side. Drain fish on paper towel and rest for 5 minutes.

3. For dill mayonnaise, combine mayonnaise, lemon and dill in a bowl and season to taste.

4. Construct each sandwich with a piece of white bread on the bottom, then mayo, fish, lettuce, cornichons and more mayo. Top the sandwich with another piece of bread, cut in half and serve.



“Please use MSC-certified sustainably caught swordfish,” says Jesse McTavish. 

Recipe Jesse McTavish

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