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Victor Liong's prosperity salad (Yee sang)

Victor Liong's prosperity salad (Yee sang)

Prep 20 mins

Serves 4-6

Difficulty 2.5

Raw sliced fish symbolises abundance and excess, with the plum sauce dressing bringing sweet beginnings, golden wonton crackers a symbol of wealth and the sprinkling of sesame seeds happiness and growth in the family and the new year. Tossed together and enjoyed together as a family or with friends, a Chinese tradition, enjoyed by everyone this Year of the Tiger.

300g raw fish, such as NZ salmon or ocean trout, kingfish or another sashimi-styl fish

A small handul each of various julienne colourful and textural vegetables of your liking, heirloom carrots, spring onion, kohlrabi, daikon, cucumber - about a handful of each

Fried wonton skins, to garnish

Lime juice, to taste

Roasted sesame seeds, to garnish


220g plum sauce

1 tbsp yuzu juice or lime juice

2 tbsp water

3 tsp soy sauce

30gm sesame oil

1 pinch five spice powder

1. For the plum and sesame dressing, stir ingredients in a jug and set aside.

2. Slice ocean trout or salmon and lay slices onto the plate, traditionally a red fish like salmon is used, but you can use kingfish or whatever sashimi quality fish you have on hand - Yee Sang literally means raw fish

3. Arrange small mounds of the julienne vegetable around the centre of the plate.

4. Top salad with fried wonton skins (as a symbol for gold), toasted sesame seeds (as a symbol for fertility), crushed peanut brittle (as a symbol for sweetness), fresh lime (for balance and harmony) and the sweet and sour dressing pour over to taste at the table, then toss together with chopsticks and serve.




Find out more from Victor Liong on how to celebrate the New Year.

Photography by Parker Blaine and recipe by Victor Liong.

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