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Platters for parties

With our new year plans just around the corner, we’re looking out for fun party platters to hold dips and snacks. Time to get your end-of-year celebrations in order.


What's not to love about a serving tray that's pastel, functional, cute and inspired by a Japanese bento box? Imagine all the possibilities here… Spiced nuts in one section, some olives in another, or a quartet of dips with cocktail sticks on the side. This handmade, porcelain sharing platter is perfect for entertaining - and even better, it's dishwasher safe, making cleaning up after your new year shenanigans super easy.

Style 8 Bento Set in dual tone, $265, from R. L. Foote Design.

We're also loving ...


Ellipse tray in Light Gray, $102, from HAY.

Rotary tray in Pale Rose, $80.80, from Vitra.

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