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Trattoria Volare and bar Bomboloni’s open in Amsterdam West

Volare, a new Italian trattoria, and bar Bomboloni’s bring a playful, Mediterranean aesthetic to Amsterdam West.

By Liz Elton


The interior Studio Modijefsky created for new Italian trattoria and bar, Volare and Bomboloni’s, is bringing the idyllic and fun atmosphere of the Mediterranean in the sixties to Amsterdam.

"No matter the day of the week, the interior conjures up memories of Italian summers thanks to its soft colours and rough surfaces, arches and patios, and sensual swagger mixed with utter simplicity. Traditional and playful graphics combine with a palette of soft red, orange, white and blue tones to transport visitors back to the Amalfi Coast in the 1960s," says Studio Modijefsky.


Architecture and design interplay heavily here, with strong shapes coming from the graphics printed on the walls as well as from the clean lines of the interior. 

The playful use of colour is one of the most striking elements of this fun interior - shocking watermelon pink is coupled with soft, warm dusty shades and pastel blues which interplay with the natural timbers throughout. The use of a wide mix of materials such as tiles, timbers, marble, cotton fabrics and chalk plaster add to the eclectic nostalgia.


The devil really is in the detail at Volare and Bomboloni’s, shelves holding Italian cocktail bottles which are backlit to create varying light and atmosphere as the light changes throughout the day. Fun typography appears throughout the interior on the bar and walls and the wavy, repetitive lines of the shelf detailing recall the shapes of beach umbrellas, so iconic to the beachscapes of the Mediterranean coast.

Volare and Bomboloni’s really is a space where locals can come to enjoy traditional Italian fare at its best, surrounded by a fun, playful interior that succeeds in transporting visitors to the golden era of the Mediterranean.

Volare and Bomboloni’s

Volare Amsterdam, Admiraal de Ruijterweg 79, Amsterdam, Nederland, +31 (0) 12 345 678.

Words by Liz Elton. All images via Studio Modijefsky.

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